Login to Race Setup Admin Page

login to Kattack race setup page


Setup Instructions:


1. Click “Race Setup” and enter your username and password you received when you purchased your subscription.

2. Create a live feed for the tracking devices to track into. (competitors can now join and record their track into the feed using the Kattack Mobile App.)

3. On your smartphone, open your web browser and go to app.kattack.com/status. This Web App allows you to check the status of all devices tracking into your feed.

4. Download the Race Publisher from the website to a Windows PC.

5. Log in to the publisher using the same username and password you used to log into the web setup page.

6. Download the Kattack Media Kit Manager from the website to a Windows PC. The Media Kit Manager can be used to add a 600×100 pixel banner to the display when replaying your races.

7. View our help videos for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to download your GPS tracks, create a race, and publish it to the web.