General Questions

Is the Kattack Race Player Internet based or do I download it to my computer?
Answer: Either. You have the option to install Kattack directly onto your PC, or if you have a mac, you can use the web-player and view it in your web browser.
What GPS units are compatible with the Kattack Race Player?
Answer: Kattack is optimized for Garmin GPS units with USB data ports. However, Kattack is compatible with any GPS that can provide a .GPX format data file. Most manufactures provide software to download track into a GPX file. View all of Kattack’s supported tracking devices
Does the Kattack Race Player run on the Apple Mac?
Answer: Yes, Kattack can now run in your web browser.
How do I set up the GPS unit once I have it?
Answer: Go to GET STARTED on the menu and select which tracker you want to setup and you will be navigated to the proper setup page.
Is there a way to share races with only a select group of people?
Answer: Yes, once the races are created you can email individual race files. The files must be copied into My Documents \ My Kattack \ Races directory and then you must hit the “Update My Races” button to get the race to show up. Sharing races like this only works with the PC player.
Why can’t I watch the races on my smartphone?
Answer: After experimenting with this, we realized it would be an unfair advantage for sailors to be watching what is happening on the course during the race via their phone, so it is just used as a tracking device. You can watch the races on the web player or through your race player on your PC. You can view all of our published races by clicking Watch Kattack Races
What is race publishing?

Answer: Publishing is adding details to the race like the start and end time,  course heading, course marks etc. and is typically done by the race administrator. This allows the race to be uploaded to the web so it can be watched by anyone who wants to view the race via the web player. To learn more about race publishing, watch our instructional videos on how to publish a Kattack race

Does the Kattack App take up a lot of memory?

Answer: No, it currently takes up less than 1MB